Tuesday, December 14, 2010


First Published: December 08, 2010

This morning at nine o'clock sharp, Ronbo was called by Agent Rosencrantz of the U.S. Secret Service.

Actually, "Rosencrantz" wasn't his name, he told Ronbo his name, but almost immediately Ronbo forgot what it was, anyway Ronbo always thinks of SS agents in terms of Hamlet's Danish SS agents, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, so "Rosencrantz will do.

What did Agent Rosencrantz want of old Ronbo? Why he would like to meet him next week over a hot cup at the local coffee house for a chat. Rosencrantz would not disclose the nature of the conversation, however, Ronbo can well imagine the gang at The Castle, some still call it "The White House" are not happy with the publication of articles such as, Fascist Pigs of The Secret Service Screw An Innocent Man" and have sent their lackeys out for yet another doomed attempt to argue Ronbo into "cooling it."

This relationship between Ronbo and SS started on February 3, 1994, when Ronbo was arrested for the alleged assassination of President Clinton. What? No such thing happened? Of course not, but it didn't keep the SS from railroading Ronbo, a decorated retired U.S. Army NCO, into a five year prison sentence, three years parole - a total of eight years in custody - for a crime that never happened.

The details are here in a Florida Today article by Billy Cox.

It should be noted that the sentence of the District Federal Court ran out on June 26, 2001 when Ronbo completed his prison sentence, parole and paid his fine. At that point the legal process ended, and Ronbo was released from his status as a slave of the United States Department of Justice back into full citizenship that included the right to vote, hold office, and bear arms.

However, the SS had other ideas. It wasn't good enough their illegal arrest and conviction had robbed Ronbo nearly eight years of his life and reduced him to a pauper doomed to work at low level jobs for low level pay as an ex-con. In fact, the SS war against Ronbo had only begun when he was released from parole. In the years to come the SS would hound him from one part of country to another. At one time or another Ronbo would be a resident of states from Florida to California and always..ALWAYS..the SS would show up to harass him, or delegate the job to the local police.

After many adventures, Ronbo ends up in Missoula, Montana. He has become a very bitter and vengeful man living on a pension from the U.S. Army. He dreams terrible dreams of revolution and the destruction of the American socialist ruling class. The very thought of being civil to the their overpaid SS lackeys has fueled many a night of drinking at bars.

What to do?

It has long been established that if redress against authority cannot be had by legal means, rebellion is the only option.


The SS, like Hamlet's King Claudius, have created their own worst nightmare and filled him with a terrible resolve.

Hamlet: "…O, from this time forth
My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!"

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