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First Published: September 22, 2009

Mark Sullivan


United States Secret Service

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

I am not certain that you are aware of the actions of your agents in regards to their harassment of me which is in my never humble opinion illegal, immoral and in the tradition of secret police of socialist nations such as the former East German Stasi and Soviet KGB. I have written and published many articles on the details of this harassment and I will provide enclosures to these articles that I hope you will read, but in summary they reveal a pattern of tyranny against an innocent private citizen and decorated veteran of an allegedly free republic.

1. Surveillance that includes high speed chases by SS agents for reasons of harassment.

2. Constant phone calls and meetings with my friends and employers for no good reason other than to gain restricted personal information and attempt to recruit them in a spy ring directed against me.

3. The use of state and local police to watch my movements. These “front line soldiers” in the war against crime have frequently been given disinformation about me designed to encourage a violent engagement where it is hoped I will be killed. A recent incident in Florida involved two Florida State Highway troopers who were nearly killed in heavy traffic in an unnecessary traffic stop based on disinformation given to them by your agents.

4. Electronic surveillance of my computer and cell phone done without color of law.

5. The interception, reading and photocopying of my Postal Service mail by your agents without warrants.

6. The placement of GPS units on my private and employer vehicles without color of law.

7. The destruction of a manuscript sent to a publisher that was critical of the SS by your agents.

8. The illegal entry of my private residences by SS agents and placement of video and audio recording devices without color of law.

9. The attempt by SS agents to discourage my use of the First Amendment right to write articles and books critical of the SS, and to exercise my rights to seek redress in a court of law.

10. The lost of employment due to disinformation about me by SS agents, such as my recent firing as the assistant manager of the Veteran’s Facility in Melbourne, Florida.

The goal of this illegal conduct is to reduce my status of free citizen to that of an abject slave of the SS with agents literally in control of my life. I refuse to kowtow to tyranny and as a result my life has become grim struggle for survival with frequent moves from location to location and job to job, as I attempt to stay free of the bonds of slavery.

I make this one last appeal to you to end the harassment. If you refuse, I will take the matter to Attorney General and ask for your indictment. If this redress is refused, I will have no other recourse than to consider myself a rebel and no longer bound by the law.

In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Sincerely Yours.

Ronald "Ronbo" Barbour

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