Tuesday, December 28, 2010



In the last episode of our action packed saga of one man's twilight struggle against the evil empire of the federal government, our hero RONBO (so named by SS Agent John Francis McKenna in 1996) confronted imperial storm trooper and U.S. Secret Service Agent TAD DOWNS at the door of his motel suite in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana where Agent Downs was told to "pound sand."

Like a tried and true imperial SS storm trooper, Agent Downs, no doubt under the direct control of Big Sister of the Department Homeland Security in which he labors with only a very small $250,000 yearly
pay package when all perks are included, raises RONBO's august status on the Watch List to "Person of Interest." As is well known, a POI is someone whom law enforcement will soon arrest. This label is designed to make the suspect nervous and commit some type of irrational act that will lead to their arrest.

However, the SS are dealing with the wily RONBO, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and professional soldier of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence who also stood toe to toe against the Russian KGB and East German STASI while stationed in West Berlin in the 1970s. Hence, RONBO is well trained and experienced when dealing secret policemen of many nations. In addition, there are a wealth of books in the public library on persons in other countries who have had to deal with the secret police, for instance, the great Russian Christian, patriot and freedom fighter Alexander Solzhenitsyn who waged a decades long literary war against the Soviet Union.

Solzhenitsyn, who served eight years in the GULAG for being critical of Stalin in a letter to a friend during WW II, has been well studied by RONBO. The lesson learned is that the best way to confront an evil regime from the inside - and by 2010 the federal government of the USA has evolved into something very wicked - is by truth and art. Solzhenitsyn, who many scholars think was a factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, achieved this by the underground publication in the Soviet Union of his masterwork, "The Archipelago GULAG" which was published above ground in the West to rave reviews.

RONBO's underground printing press is the Internet where his blog, "The Freedom Fighter's Journal" has a world readership of about 1,000 "hits" a day with totals approaching one million. It is clear that this six year old publication, which includes an online book, "The White Rose," is having an impact judging by the comments and tracking the locations of the readers.

How will this story end? Will RONBO be arrested and thrown once again into the GULAG? Will RONBO be exiled from the USA by the federal government? Will RONBO be assassinated by the U.S. Secret Service? Don't laugh about the last possibility - all the SS has to do to secure RONBO's termination with extreme prejudice is to tell local law enforcement that he's "armed and dangerous" and the local police will happily gun him down on sight.

Tune in for episode XXXI "The Republic Strikes Back" where the wily RONBO launches a rebel fleet of criminal and civil charges against the Darth Vaders of Homeland Security.


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