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In the last episode of our action packed saga of one man's twilight struggle against the evil empire of the federal government, our hero RONBO (so named by SS Agent John Francis McKenna in 1996) confronted imperial storm trooper and U.S. Secret Service Agent TAD DOWNS at the door of his motel suite in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana where Agent Downs was told to "pound sand."

Like a tried and true imperial SS storm trooper, Agent Downs, no doubt under the direct control of Big Sister of the Department Homeland Security in which he labors with only a very small $250,000 yearly
pay package when all perks are included, raises RONBO's august status on the Watch List to "Person of Interest." As is well known, a POI is someone whom law enforcement will soon arrest. This label is designed to make the suspect nervous and commit some type of irrational act that will lead to their arrest.

However, the SS are dealing with the wily RONBO, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and professional soldier of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence who also stood toe to toe against the Russian KGB and East German STASI while stationed in West Berlin in the 1970s. Hence, RONBO is well trained and experienced when dealing secret policemen of many nations. In addition, there are a wealth of books in the public library on persons in other countries who have had to deal with the secret police, for instance, the great Russian Christian, patriot and freedom fighter Alexander Solzhenitsyn who waged a decades long literary war against the Soviet Union.

Solzhenitsyn, who served eight years in the GULAG for being critical of Stalin in a letter to a friend during WW II, has been well studied by RONBO. The lesson learned is that the best way to confront an evil regime from the inside - and by 2010 the federal government of the USA has evolved into something very wicked - is by truth and art. Solzhenitsyn, who many scholars think was a factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, achieved this by the underground publication in the Soviet Union of his masterwork, "The Archipelago GULAG" which was published above ground in the West to rave reviews.

RONBO's underground printing press is the Internet where his blog, "The Freedom Fighter's Journal" has a world readership of about 1,000 "hits" a day with totals approaching one million. It is clear that this six year old publication, which includes an online book, "The White Rose," is having an impact judging by the comments and tracking the locations of the readers.

How will this story end? Will RONBO be arrested and thrown once again into the GULAG? Will RONBO be exiled from the USA by the federal government? Will RONBO be assassinated by the U.S. Secret Service? Don't laugh about the last possibility - all the SS has to do to secure RONBO's termination with extreme prejudice is to tell local law enforcement that he's "armed and dangerous" and the local police will happily gun him down on sight.

Tune in for episode XXXI "The Republic Strikes Back" where the wily RONBO launches a rebel fleet of criminal and civil charges against the Darth Vaders of Homeland Security.


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No way!

We are simply good German soldiers following orders from our superiors.


You would think with literally thousands of Islamists and Leftists going after Obama, the U.S. Secret Service would better serve the nation by defending the presidency from the bad guys rather than to waste valuable taxpayer dollars stalking and harassing an honest old retired soldier like Ronald "Ronbo" Barbour, but such are the realities of the People's Republic of America.

About 0930 hours Missoula, Montana hours (This is 8:30 a.m. to those of you living in Rio Linda, California) the vast arm of federal law enforcement swept into the parking lot of my motel near the icy cold and swift running Clark Fork river. The SS agent well equipped with expensive sun glasses and backed up by two of Missoula's PD's finest storm troopers dressed head to toe in black with wicked looking automatic pistols at the ready, advanced fearlessly to apartment number #15, which is the well guarded Ronbo Bunker.

Actually, my apartment isn't guarded at all, but don't you just love the way I build up the suspense? Being an Alfred Hitchcock fan does come in handy.

When the officers of the law arrived at my door, they took up position on either side, the SS agent to the left and the two storm troopers to right. They carefully scanned the parking lot looking for units of the famous Montana militia that marched in full force down the main street of Hamilton (about 50 miles south of Missoula) last summer with display of weapons and warnings to the local sheriff to keep the Feds out of the Tea Party section of Montana. They saw nothing out place in the subzero Montana winter except a guy falling off his bicycle when he hit a patch of ice on the bike path.

Don't ask me why people in Montana insist on riding bicycles in winter on roads and sidewalks covered with ice. I suppose it must one of those cultural things you learn about after several subzero winters up here. A snowbird thing. I digress...

The SS agent heroically reached across my door with his arm fully exposed...and KNOCKED!

The tension rose when I yelled out, "House Keeping? I need clean towels."

The officers remained silent. The temperature was below zero but inside their armored vests the sweat rolled as fast as the Clark Fork river in spring, this was the moment of truth. The famous Ronbo was less than one foot away, perhaps armed with the equally famous XSR-71 semi-automatic experimental sniper rifle with its deadly .50 caliber 20 round magazine that was accurate up to two miles. The senior Missoula PD storm trooper thought about calling for back up, like a M-1 main battle tank from the Montana National Guard at Ft. Harrison.

Then the door suddenly opened and the officers were face-to-face with the famous revolutionist and unarmed Ronbo who looked downright harmless.

"Ratz," thought the SS agent who saw in his mind's eye the glory of promotion to the elite Presidential Guard, "I hoped he would resist! Then I could have made the evening news on CBS and the front page of the "New York Times" and "Washington Post!" I would have got that promotion to GS-20! I may have even been made Director of the Secret Service by a grateful President Obama! I would have been known to the world as, "The Man Who Killed Ronbo."

"Stalking and harassment," I said in the open doorway to the SS agent.

"Huh?" said the SS agent who thought the interview wasn't going the way the instructors at the Academy said it would go. Clearly the clever Ronbo had put him on the defensive in front of two local wanna-be storm troopers. This would not do.

"Ronbo," said the agent attempting to take the offensive, "I don't have a warrant and you could tell me to go pound sand...."

"Go pound sand, " I said and slammed door.

The three officers looked at one another in abject sadness.

No firefight.

No motel being leveled by tank fire and going up in flames for the evening news.

No Media interviews, articles, or 60 Minute programs.

No promotions.

The radio in the squad car broke the silence.

"This is Smitty. Hey sarge, do you still need tear gas? We just found some in the supply room under a pile of MREs."

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Salon Publishes Call for Murder of Sarah Palin

Liberal online political magazine Salon.com published a letter to the editor yesterday that called for the murder of 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The letter was written in response to a mocking article at Salon titled, Good Morning America's painfully friendly interview with Sarah Palin by Alex Pareene.

Pareene snarkily sums up the GMA interview, "The interview was basically split into a couple of distinct sections: How awesome is your family, how bad is Barack Obama, how awful are people who criticize you, and how awesome is America?"

The first letter published in response to the article calls for Palin to be electrocuted by a cattle prod by convicted dog abuser Michael Vick, "Vick gets a pet to torture and we get rid of Palin. A win-win for everyone!"

That letter has apparently sat in the pole position under the article in the Letters to the Editor section since it was posted "Friday, December 17, 2010 12:33 PM ET."

The Letters section for the GMA article lists 65 letters published over four pages. Each letter has a "flag" button to call attention to Salon editors about objectionable comments. It seems no one at Salon finds it objectionable for the site to publish an explicit call for murder.

Salon's Editor in Chief, Joan Walsh, is a regular on MSNBC and CNN. Will Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough or Wolf Blitzer attack Walsh for prominently publishing a call for the murder of Sarah Palin? Will Walsh do the right thing and publicly apologize to Palin and pull the letter?

Friday, December 17, 2010 12:33 PM ET

" I Have An Idea"

" Let's let Michael Vick keep Sarah Palin as a pet instead of a dog. It will be safer for dogs and maybe we'll get the satisfaction of having Vick electrocute Palin! You know that after listening to that voice for longer than 30-seconds Vick would be lunging for the cattle prods.

"Vick gets a pet to torture and we get rid of Palin. A win-win for everyone!"

—Owen Meany IV

Read Owen Meany IV's other letters.

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First Published: November 09, 2005

The meeting between me and the agents of Caesar, the U.S. Secret Service, was set up in advance by my Pastor, William Lowry. The agents allegedly wanted to meet with me in order to "close my case" -- I found out instead that they wanted to meet with me every ninety days for an indefinite period.

The exchange lasted about 20 minutes and it took place in the main conference room of my Church. The persons present were I, Pastor William Lowry and two Secret Service agents; one male and one female. The dialogue was for the most part between me and the male agent, a man of about 35 years with a shaven head that indicates either excessive vanity or a personality disorder who I will call Kojak.

The female Secret Service agent was a blond and very attractive, about 30 years in age who largely remained silent and was likely wearing a recording device and carrying a small caliber gun on her person who I'll call Madonna. This was Kojak's bodyguard and witness for court should the need arise.

The interview opened with a five minute monologue by Kojak in which the reason for the meeting was changed from its original purpose of closing my case to a request for tri-monthly personal contact with the members of the Secret Service. It is interesting to note that it is a felony under federal law for a person interviewed by a federal agent to make false statements; unfortunately it is not a felony for agents to lie to the public.

When the Kojak finally fell silent, I launched into my standard argument about the reasons why I would never cooperate with the Secret Service (1) The massive violations of my constitutional rights at the outset of my case in 1994 (2) The fact that legally speaking my case ended on June 26, 2001. (3) The attempt by the Secret Service to have me placed illegally in a mental institution for life while a political prisoner at FCI BUTNER, North Carolina. (4) Secret Service harassment after my release from prison that resulted in me losing several good jobs. (5) The fact that the Secret Service has grown into a latter day Praetorian Guard that represents a clear danger to ordinary citizens and may present a challenge to those it is charged with protection as has been proven over many years of Secret Service oppressive and illegal actions.

Kojak then stated that he was not here to debate the merits of my case, but said that he believed it should be closed and that my threat status lowered. He related that I was a "Class III" individual: In SS Insider Language a "Class III" is deemed to be a high national security threat to the United States. To my best knowledge I am the only such person with this classification at large; the others are locked up in various federal prisons, high security mental institutions, or dead.

My response was to note once again that the SS had committed many offenses against my person including a vain attempt to have me illegally placed in a mental institution for life and injected with drugs that were designed to cloud my mind and perhaps to destroy my rational thought process. This type of treatment of a political prisoner has ominous parallels with the perversion of mental health care in the former Soviet Union where dissents were frequently injected with dangerous drugs in order to "cure" them of their dislike of communism.

Kojak responded that he was an "honest" cop who would never lie or commit illegal acts, and again that he was not at this meeting to debate the merits of my case, but thought that it would be best if I just went along with the program met with him every several months. He repeated his mantra once again that my case should be closed.

I could see by this point that Kojak was "stuck on stupid" so my response was to state the obvious: that the Secret Service by its actions against me over the last decade proved that it had declared war on me. Thus, my logical reaction was to accept the situation and to adopt a profile of active defense against the Secret Service. I went on to say that I have nothing personal against any member of the Secret Service, as indeed in the old days of the Cold War I had nothing against officers and agents of the Soviet KGB and GRU which were my opposition, but that I considered all Secret Service agents my enemies and members of a different army. I would take no offensive measures other than legal challenges and an active campaign in the Media. I noted that my case had much in common with THE DREYFES AFFAIR in France of about 100 years ago in which an innocent French officer was court martial and sent to Devil's Island because of perjury and other crimes committed against him by French investigators and judges, and I went on to say that there were many ominous parallels in my case and that of Captain Dreyfes who was freed because of the public outrage of the French people when the real facts of the case were at last published. I when on to conclude that if the details of my case were ever published in THE WASHINGTON TIMES or other major media outlet the resulting uproar would call in question the actions of the Secret Service and perhaps ruin the careers of many of its agents.

Kojak replied that he would be setting home and watching such a thing happen on FOX NEWS or CNN drinking a beer in his easy chair knowing that he was an "honest" cop who never told a lie and could never be indicted or sent to prison.

My response was to inform him that he could not use the color of law to escape his personal responsibility for illegal actions as it was a long established legal principle that when given a illegal order by a superior officer the subordinate did not have to carry it out: This important principle was established at the Nuremberg trial after WW II when the indicted German Secret Service officers attempted to use it as a legal defense. Hence the two SS agents had in my humble committed a felony in that they were both armed and did not receive express permission from the church to enter the property with guns. I would note that it has long been established that a church is the House of God and a Palace of Peace where all weapons are left outside the boundary of the church property.

Kojak then noted that I had not been cooperative with other Secret Service agents in the past and that one agent by the name of "Tom" had been the victim of an aggressive verbal attack launched by me. He repeated the mantra once again concerning his Eagle Scout level of honesty that concluded with the statement, "I would never lie in the Lord's House." This remark coming from a man who misrepresented the purpose of the meeting in order to get an interview with me that would have otherwise been impossible.

I informed the hopelessly delusional and ignorant Kojak once again that legally speaking my case was closed on June 26, 2001; that I served the required prison sentence; that I served out the three year Parole; that I had committed no crimes and obeyed the letter of the law without fail. I once again repeated my mantra that I considered Secret Service agents such as himself enemies that I viewed with the same contempt I viewed the KGB in the Cold War days when I was a soldier in Military Intelligence in Berlin. I end my diatribe with the remark, "You know I don't even consider you an American!"

Madonna gasped in shock. I suppose the truth can be shocking to certain individuals. I would hope my remark started her thinking about the wisdom of her career choice. I continued, "What you should do right now is to resign from the Secret Service." But if I had been more quick witted I would have also added, "And throw your guns and badges into the trash can. Go with Rev Lowry to the Chapel and confess your sins and throw yourself on the altar of Jesus Christ and be reborn."

I looked at my watch and the time was 2:30 P.M. The interview had lasted only about 20 minutes but it seemed much longer. I made an excuse and left in the conference room, but in truth I could have remained there much longer. I haven't talked to William Lowry yet about what happened after I departed. The Christian and the Romantic in me hopes that the Kojak and Madonna would have done as I have suggested, however, the Realist in me knows that these individuals have sold their souls to Satan for a paycheck, the federal Credit Union, free medical and dental, 401K plan and 30 days paid vacation a year.

But still you never know.

Kevin Billings: The Rogue Secret Service Agent

First Published: May 31, 2006

Kevin Billings was one of many Secret Service agents who has dogged my heels for several years has had a little adventure of his own in the Congo recently made national news and points to the rogue nature of a major federal law enforcement agency increasingly out of control.

I first met Agent Billings in November, 2001 while walking in downtown Orlando and dodging the rain. I passed by the entrance to a bank building on Orange Avenue when this middle aged grey headed guy dressed in a raincoat literally leaped out into the rain by my side and said,

"I'm Kevin Billings of the Secret Service -- How are you, Mr. Barbour?"
"Minding my own business, " I replied and ducked into a Starbucks for a coffee as I had pre-planned.
Billings and another agent followed me into the coffee shop. The other agent was a giant who stood with Billings against the wall in a hostile manner with an aggressive stare from tiny blue eyes in a fat ugly face while I purchased my coffee and sat down. Billings then moved to my table and asked, "May I join you?"

The other agent, who looked like an adversement for "Charlie Atlas Body Building" stared at us from across the room with arms crossed and very tense posture that announced to me better than words, "Please give me an opportunity to put my considerable martial art skills to work."

I should note that the other patrons in the coffee shop immediately picked up on the fact that they were the audience to a small drama and ceased their quiet conversations while others pretended intense interest in their newspapers and coffee.

"It's a semi-free country; you may sit where you want to, I suppose," I said.

Billings settled into a the small chair opposite me while a puddle of water formed at his feet and continued, "Mr. Barbour, the reason I'm bothering you in a public place is because you have refused all contact with the Secret Service."

"So what? Show me the law that says I have to talk to you. I have nothing but contempt for you and your ilk....So bugger off! Do you not understand? My case was closed by the government about six months ago. Would you like the U.S. Attorney to explain? I have nothing to say. End of story. Fade to black. Get out of my face."

"I understand your position, MISTER Barbour" said Billings rising to his feet and raising his voice. "You should understand our position: You are a Class III subject who will always be montiored by the Secret Service until the day you die. I offer your best option which is cooperation with us. This means that you will call me at least once a week for a chat. Otherwise, be advised that non-cooperation comes with a large price tag. Do you like your job? "

Billings then gave me his card with his name and telephone number. "Think about it. It would be wise if you called me concerning your decision later today." Billings and the large ape-like creature disappeared into the rain. I tore up the card and threw the pieces on the floor.

The audience in the coffee shop cleared their collective throats and went back to their quiet conversations and newspapers as if they had witnessed nothing of importance. This attitude on the part of the ordinary American public reminded of that wly survivor of Nazism and World War II, Sergeant Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes" and his classic lines -- "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing."

After the departure of the evil twins the rain poured harder and the thunder from lightening was heard, which was not typical of rain storms in Central Florida in November, but is nevertheless a great ending to a scene from the master director in heaven.

A couple of days later I was fired from my job. The alleged reason was a log I didn't fill out properly. I found out later from a former co-worker that my boss received a visit the day before from a "grey headed middle aged guy who was well dressed in a business suit."

I'm not surprised that Billings made it out safe from the Congo.

Perhaps the puppet master wanted all his puppets back undamaged.

From the article: Billings, a 21-year veteran of the Secret Service, retired in February 2004 to become a security consultant. He worked in Iraq before becoming affiliated with Nexia and AQMI. Nexia's Web site lists him on its board of directors and as an executive officer. In the Secret Service, Billings served on the security detail of President George W. Bush in Washington and Houston, and was a member of the agency's elite counterassault team, a SWAT team ready to repel attacks.

"Kevin was a great agent," said Ric Johnson, who retired in 2001 as special agent in charge of the Orlando office.
"He was one of the best I've ever had. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hope that they do something diplomatically. I'm concerned about him."

Security consultants Joe Robinson and Kevin Billings are coming home. Jim Leusner Sentinel Staff Writer May 27, 2006, 10:13 PM EDT Three security officials taken hostage in the Congo -- including two from the Orlando area -- were released and were on a plane home Saturday night, the company said. Retired Orlando police Capt. Joe Robinson, retired U.S. Secret Service agent Kevin Billings of Maitland and contractor Seth Taylor of San Diego were freed after a probe into their activities as security consultants concluded.

"The boys are released and they are on their way out of the country," Woody Johnson, a spokesman for AQMI Strategy Corp. of Orlando, said late Saturday night. "They are in the air somewhere over Africa."

For security reasons, he would not name their destination. But he said an AQMI jet with a medical team was dispatched to meet them. "I'm ecstatic that he's out of danger and on his way home," said Billings' former boss, Ric Johnson, retired head of the Orlando Secret Service office. "I've been on the phone since last Saturday calling everybody I know and getting people fired up in Washington about it so they could provide whatever assistance necessary."

The men were acting as security consultants for Oscar Kashala, a physician with dual U.S. and Congolese citizenship who is running for president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. "They seem to be very upbeat and have some medical issues," Woody Johnson said, adding that one or more of them may have malaria, an infectious disease transferred to people through mosquito bites. AQMI (pronounced *AK-meeACME) is run by Orlando venture capitalist Frank Amodeo, 45, who incorporated it in October 2004 in Orlando. Congolese government officials had accused the men of plotting to overthrow the west central African government, which was believed to be a politically motivated accusation.

On May 18, Billings and Robinson had boarded a flight to Paris when they were detained with their driver, Taylor. They were initially released, but authorities took their passports and tickets, telling them to return to the airport the next morning, Middleton said. About 3 a.m. they were arrested at a private home. More than 30 people were detained from various locations. Most were employed by the South African company „©Omega Risk Solutions, which was working on several projects in Congo the country including helping AQMI with security logistics for Kashala. Robinson, a married father of two, left Orlando the city after more than 26 years. He retired as a captain with the Orlando Police Department and had served as a driver, bodyguard and law enforcement liaison for Mayors Glenda Hood and Dyer. He was a deputy chief of staff for Dyer when he left in January to do corporate security for Mirabilis Ventures. For years, he had conducted security training seminars and classes on the side for local, state, federal and foreign governments, former colleagues said.

In the Secret Service, Billings served on the security detail of President George W. Bush in Washington and Houston, and was a member of the agency's elite counterassault team, a SWAT team ready to repel attacks. Billings is married and has two teenage daughters.

*In regards to my status as a "Class III" suspect by the U.S. Secret Service (SS) and my alleged assassination attempt on President Clinton in 1994 -- you are welcome to follow the links, which begin with the Cox article in FLORIDA TODAY that was published on March 5, 2000.

My case is officially closed by the U.S. Department of Justice since June 26, 2001 at the completion of over four years in prison, three years probation and a heavy fine. However, the SS continues to monitor my activities and as recently as last week involved me in an ugly incident while in performance of my duties at Central Care Mission.

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FLORIDA TODAY-March 5, 2000:

What is the U.S. Secret Service Doing About The Leftist "Kill Bush" Mantra?

First Published: September 01, 2006

The Secret Service Hears Nothing...
The Secret Service Sees Nothing...
The Secret Service Knows Nothing....

As is well known, the Secret Service only arrests innocent Right Wing opponents of Leftist American presidents.

It would appear President Bush faces danger not only from his Leftist and Muslim foes, but from the very organization that is charged with his protection.

The Kidnapping And Execution Of President William Jefferson Clinton By Muslims

First Published: September 01, 2006

What do you want to bet that Rush Limbaugh gets a visit from the Secret Service for floating this satire on the Leftist Bush assassination movie?

RUSH: I'm working on the concept of a new docudrama. Working on the concept here of a new movie, ladies and gentlemen. I have powerful friends in Hollywood, and they're always looking for story ideas to make movies and docudramas out of. Greetings, welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, your host for life, not retiring 'til every American agrees with me here on the one and only EIB Network, coming to you for the final day this week from high atop the EIB Building in midtown Manhattan. Telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address is Rush@eibnet.com.

Here's the idea, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to pass on to my powerful creative friends in Hollywood. The basic premise is that former President Clinton gets kidnapped and beheaded, and the docudrama will be an in-depth study of what happens in America and the free world and the Moslem world.

This will be a thought provoking critique of contemporary society, not just in America, and its ramifications for the war on terror. Former President Clinton kidnapped and beheaded, and of course it will be a thought provoking critique of the ramifications of this on Hillary Rodham Clinton. So I'll be going out to Hollywood, let's see, when am I going out there? Week after next. Just going up for the weekend. So I will work on the concept here of Bill Clinton being kidnapped and beheaded, and the thought provoking critique of contemporary society, not just in America and the free world but in the Moslem world as well, and Canada. We'll want to know the impact of the beheading of Bill Clinton. We'll have panel discussions. Well, it's going to be a docudrama. The panel discussions will come after the docudrama airs and we'll screen it at a think tank in Washington.

Read the Background Material...


Texas Woman Harassed By SS - Secret Service

First Published: October 20, 2008

This story appears in Tuesday's issue of The Lufkin Daily News, 10/6/08. This is totally absurd regardless of what party you choose to support in the Presidential campaign.

On Wednesday the 1st of October I received a call on my cell while in the car with my husband. It was a woman who identified herself as calling from the Obama Campaign. The phone # she called from was 903-798-6020 which lists as "Obama Volunteers of Texarkana " (Texas).

She asked if I was an Obama supporter to which I replied:

"No, I don't support him, your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the State Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets; I think you should find something better to do with your time." I hung up.

Thursday, October 2, I answered the front door to find the Secret Service. Immediately I thought of the call and was furious that apparently you are not allowed to call Obama a Socialist without the Secret Service coming to investigate. Instead, they asked me about the following comment, relayed by the Obama Volunteer of Texarkana who called me, unsolicited on my cell phone:

"I will never support Obama and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor." My husband laughed and told them "No, she called him a socialist but she never said a word about him dying.”I gave them my actual quote. The woman asked insolently “Oh? Well why would she make that up?”I replied that I supposed she wasn't happy about what I said about her candidate and the Agent said, "That's right, you were rude!" The last time I checked being rude wasn't a crime in America .

Luckily the big file they had gathered on me didn't indicate mental instability or a past life of stalking/crime, however they did want to know how I felt about Obama. That was my limit. I told the Agent in no uncertain terms that my thoughts were not pertinent to their investigation, that this was America and the last time I checked I was allowed to think whatever I wanted without being questioned by the Secret Service. In fact, even if I had said what she claimed, that isn't a threat. I told them (again) and my husband verified that the statement reported by Obama's volunteer was a lie. I asked them if there was a tape of the call and they said no. I said, "So on the word of a ticked off Obama supporter you are on my porch with no other evidence and you want to question me about my THOUGHTS!?" They informed me that there was no evidence she was an Obama supporter. Someone calling from his campaign. Are you kidding?

I was not allowed to know the name of my accuser at which point they informed me that it wasn't like I was in a court of law, YET, as if this was a good thing. I recognized this as a veiled threat. I told them I would happily go to court since I did nothing wrong and at least then my accuser would have to face me rather than sending the thought police to my house.

They then said they were trying to do me a favor, that they came to me first before embarrassing you by going to all your neighbors and family. Another threat? I told them to be my guest and talk to whomever they wanted but they weren't going to investigate my thoughts on my porch.

They also informed me that it would be easier if the next time a supporter calls me I just say "Yeah sure count me in, or just hang up" apparently so she won't get her undies in a bundle and give them more useless trips. Yeah right. I said "Look, someone calls me unsolicited on my cell phone to ask me to support their candidate and I can't tell them why I don't?" I said I was sorry they made a wasted trip but if they had a problem with some made up lie they needed to go talk to her about it because it wasn't my fault they had to drive from Houston for nothing.

At one point I went inside and got a notepad to record their badge numbers and they refused to show me their badges. They had done the quick flip when they arrived. I asked for a card and the female Agent refused to give me one stating “You're not going to get a card.” The male Agent gave me a card and told me I could contact Houston with any questions.

The fact that the volunteer lied, the fact that the Secret Service came to my house to question me about my thoughts and feelings and threaten to embarrass me to my neighbors and go to court if I didn't cooperate is not really the tragedy here. Because that girl on the phone doesn't have the pull to send the Secret Service to my home. Someone high in the ranks of a campaign working for a man who may be the next President of the United States of America felt comfortable bringing the force of the Federal Government to bear on a private citizen on nothing but the word of a partisan volunteer.

I want to file a counter complaint that false charges were made, that a false report was given to a peace officer. The Secret Service told me I cannot because they will protect the identity of the complainant. I also want the file they have on me destroyed and I want to know that my phone isn't tapped, et cetera. I am hearing a lot of "Out of my Jurisdiction."

Do I also hear jackboots?

Jessica Hughes Lufkin, Texas

Note: I have contacted several news organizations, Rep Gohmert, Sen Hutchison, the Atty General, Local Police Will keep you updated, pass it along.


Beyond what I wrote immediately above, I have nothing else to write. Sometimes words just can't express the depth of moral outrage you can feel about this kind of stuff.

Welcome to Amerika, comrade. The Brownshirts have arrived.

Thank you for your comment. To update everyone following this, I have contacted the FBI who told me they have no jurisdiction, but that unless I take legal action this file and report will follow me the rest of my life. I have also contacted my Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Congressman Louie Gohmert and I am hoping they will at least point me to SOMEONE with authority to bring this case to court. I want the file purged and I want this woman charged. If anyone wants to watch for updates on it I will be posting them at my own blog: Young, Wise and Conservative (ywc.bogtownhall.com)

Jessica Hughes, Lufkin, TX

Commentary On The Jerry M Blanchard Case

First Published: October 23, 2008

Well Done Trooper Howard of The Florida Highway Patrol!

First Published: January 21, 2009

Dear Sirs:

First of all, I want to send a “well done” to Trooper S. Howard (#2073, Troop G) for his outstanding performance in handling what could have been a very serious situation.

On January 19, 2009 I was driving north on I 95 near Jacksonville, Florida when Trooper Howard was wrongly advised by the U.S. Secret Service that I was a potential assassin of the new president and had a van full of weapons. I was made aware of this information on January 21st by way of a reliable confidential informant in the federal government.

When Trooper Howard heard this bit of disinformation and thinking it was the gospel truth, he immediately swung into action when he spotted my vehicle traveling north on I-95 at about the same time I spotted him. Trooper Howard then turned on his emergency equipment and I pulled over to the shoulder of the road. The next thing I saw was a puff of smoke that smelled like burning rubber, and I braced for an accident, as I thought someone was going to rear end Trooper Howard's vehicle and push it into my car.

I should note traffic was very busy that day – three lanes of I-95 traffic moving over at speeds in excess of 60 miles of hour. Upon reflection, I think the “brake smoke” I saw and smelled came from a marked Florida Highway Patrol vehicle parked on the left side of the busy highway driven by a middle aged female Trooper who came charging across three lanes of busy I-95 traffic at great risk of life and limb to back up her fellow Trooper she thought was a potentially serious incident with an alleged presidential assassin.

In the course of the traffic spot I spoke to both officers who remained calm, cool and very professional. This was especially impressive based on the Secret Service disinformation – many officers would have come at me “locked and cocked” but I didn't observe hands on weapons by either officer, but as a former military policeman (95B U.S. Army Reserve, Melbourne, Florida 1971-72) I know that even routine traffic stops can turn into combat situation, so I know both officers were ready.

After asking for my license and registration, Trooper Howard and the female officer went back to Trooper Howard's vehicle to write a citation. I observed the two officers in my rear view mirror for about five minutes. I don't know what was discussed, but I can well imagine – they both realized the truth obtained from my demeanor, conversation and what they could observe of my cargo – this was a bogus report and they had been used by people they thought were reliable and co- law enforcement officers – I refer to the Secret Service – and I'm sure they both also understood they could have been killed by the heavy traffic running only feet away.

The female officer then approached my vehicle and we had brief conversation about the merits of the vehicle I was driving. Clearly from her demeanor and words I drew the conclusion that the FHP did not view this as a serious situation and this was confirmed by Trooper Howard a few minutes later who gave me a warning instead of a citation for the traffic stop. He cited my superior driving record as the authority.

So departed from the traffic stop and the Sunshine State of Florida. Today I'm somewhere in Texas. I like Texas, the Lone Star State and former republic, the scene of the Alamo and the gallant stand made by greatest freedom fighters in the 19th century against the tyranny of Santa Anna, the dictator of Mexico and “Napoleon of the West”...Also, Texas voted against the latest chapter of the Santa Ana theme. Yes, in the great state of Texas one breathes the air of liberty and rubs shoulders with serious men and women who love liberty more than life itself. It is no wonder that the most decorated soldier in American history was a Texan, Audie Murphy.

Sincerely, Ronbo


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The Real Story of Clinton's Assassin

Barbourism: The Politics of Ronald Barbour


First Published: September 22, 2009

Mark Sullivan


United States Secret Service

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

I am not certain that you are aware of the actions of your agents in regards to their harassment of me which is in my never humble opinion illegal, immoral and in the tradition of secret police of socialist nations such as the former East German Stasi and Soviet KGB. I have written and published many articles on the details of this harassment and I will provide enclosures to these articles that I hope you will read, but in summary they reveal a pattern of tyranny against an innocent private citizen and decorated veteran of an allegedly free republic.

1. Surveillance that includes high speed chases by SS agents for reasons of harassment.

2. Constant phone calls and meetings with my friends and employers for no good reason other than to gain restricted personal information and attempt to recruit them in a spy ring directed against me.

3. The use of state and local police to watch my movements. These “front line soldiers” in the war against crime have frequently been given disinformation about me designed to encourage a violent engagement where it is hoped I will be killed. A recent incident in Florida involved two Florida State Highway troopers who were nearly killed in heavy traffic in an unnecessary traffic stop based on disinformation given to them by your agents.

4. Electronic surveillance of my computer and cell phone done without color of law.

5. The interception, reading and photocopying of my Postal Service mail by your agents without warrants.

6. The placement of GPS units on my private and employer vehicles without color of law.

7. The destruction of a manuscript sent to a publisher that was critical of the SS by your agents.

8. The illegal entry of my private residences by SS agents and placement of video and audio recording devices without color of law.

9. The attempt by SS agents to discourage my use of the First Amendment right to write articles and books critical of the SS, and to exercise my rights to seek redress in a court of law.

10. The lost of employment due to disinformation about me by SS agents, such as my recent firing as the assistant manager of the Veteran’s Facility in Melbourne, Florida.

The goal of this illegal conduct is to reduce my status of free citizen to that of an abject slave of the SS with agents literally in control of my life. I refuse to kowtow to tyranny and as a result my life has become grim struggle for survival with frequent moves from location to location and job to job, as I attempt to stay free of the bonds of slavery.

I make this one last appeal to you to end the harassment. If you refuse, I will take the matter to Attorney General and ask for your indictment. If this redress is refused, I will have no other recourse than to consider myself a rebel and no longer bound by the law.

In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Sincerely Yours.

Ronald "Ronbo" Barbour

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First Published: October 11, 2010

Obama has the book thrown at him: Moment a missile narrowly misses the U.S. President's head

dailymail.co.uk ^

This is the astonishing moment a book was apparently hurled at the head of U.S. President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Philadelphia.

The flying missile narrowly missed hitting the President today.

It is not clear what the book was, where it came from in the crowd, or why it was thrown at Mr Obama - who did not appear to notice the danger.

But it is expected that there will be fallout from the security breach as the Secret Service investigates how close the President came to danger.

The rally was clearly an eventful one - other images showed a naked man being led away in handcuffs by police.

It is not clear if the man was involved in the book-throwing incident - or why he was not wearing any clothes.

The bizarre incident recalled the moment in 2008 when an angry Iraqi journalist hurled a shoe at then-U.S. President George Bush during a press conference in Baghdad.

The surprisingly nimble Mr Bush ducked the shoe - and the moment became immortalised with online parodies and internet video games.

But the incident was also marked with controversy as U.S. media questioned why the Secret Service - whose members are supposed to be willing to take a bullet for the President - were not close enough to Mr Bush to deflect the attack.

It is expected that the same questions will be asked about today's incident.

(Excerpt) Read more at dailymail.co.uk ...


U.S. Secret Service Favors Leftists And Cannot Protect The President

First Published: October 12, 2010

A tale of two Presidential threats:

1. Patriot is sent to prison for six months for calling Obama, "The Anti-Christ.”


2. Socialist throws book at Obama that nearly hits him, and is not arrested by the Secret Service.


CONCLUSION: U.S. Secret Service Favors Leftists And Cannot Protect The President.

Discussion at Free Republic


First Published: October 19, 2008

Barack The Magic Negro Obama has not been elected President of the United States, but already his SS agents (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) are out arresting and sending to prison those whom they deem are enemies of The Lord Messiah Obama. One such individual is Jerry M Blanchard of Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Blanchard is currently being held at FCI (Federal Correctional Institute) Butner, North Carolina for allegedly threatening to assassinate The Lord Messiah Obama and, more importantly, calling him the “Anti-Christ.”

The foundation of the SS case(The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War)against Mr. Blanchard rests on the testimony of a few people who allegedly overheard Mr. Blanchard make threatening remarks concerning The Remarkable Obama. It would appear these days Democrats have developed a keen sense of hearing threats against The Wonderful Obama that were never spoken. These sensitive and patriotic American citizens who have no doubt have memorized the telephone numbers of equally sensitive and patriotic members of the elite SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) who never seem to find it out of place when Democrats and other Leftists as a matter of routine threaten the life of President Bush by way of books, movies, conversations overheard in most upper West side bars in New York City and in scores of Leftist Internet website like Daily Kos. After all, Bush is a fascist warmonger and baby killer who deserves no respect according to Leftists, Democrats and the SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War)

Thus Jerry M Blanchard, a stalwart Republican who actually believed that such a thing as the First Amendment still exists, made some conversations that were extremely politically incorrect and perhaps even very critical of His Excellency Obama, but given the context of a holocaust of Leftist hate speech and death threats directed against President Bush, Senator McCain, Governor Palin, the Boy Scouts and Mickey Mouse , Mr. Blanchard's remarks were pretty much typical American political speech of 2008. The SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) did not see these alleged threatening comment reliably reported by Leftists concerning His Highness Obama in a laissez-faire political speech mode; no this was the beginning of dastardly conservative conspiracy to terminate with extreme prejudice His Holiness Obama. The Manchurian Candidate who has as good as won the election on November 4th and will no doubt be very grateful and generous towards members of the elite SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) who are so keen as to start arresting and throwing into prison conservatives before He takes office.

I may be a silly old Republican, but exactly what federal statute did Mr. Blanchard violate? This assuming he violated any law. I notice that U.S.C. 879 that Mr. Blanchard was indicted under refers to a “major party candidate. ” What is the definition of a “major party?” I'm sure many Republicans feel the Democrats are “major” only in the context that they are major league socialists. No doubt many Democrats feel the Republicans are a tiny minor minority party they can legislate out of existence if The Holy One Obama receives enough stolen votes from ACORN to become president. The devil is in the definition and since the statute doesn't define a “major party” on this issue alone is Mr. Blanchard free from arrest unless Congress passes something like the “Obama Protection Act of 2008.” Also, what about due process of law, Writ of Habeas Corpus, bail and all those other republican safeguards of the inalienable Rights of Man and Citizen? I suppose under the new “Obama Protection Act of 2008” such old fashioned notions are out of style and a mere indictment by a Grand Jury which meets in secret and is staffed by secret members who hear only secret government testimony is enough to send an innocent man to prison. I understand the more advanced members of the elite SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) have sent a memordum to their Director with a highly advanced idea of how to end this bottleneck in the jails full of Obama critics waiting for judges and Grand Juries – Allow the SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) to simply arrest and send to prison anyone who they think may be critical towards The Supreme Leader Obama. The memo notes this worked well in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia where never a harsh word was said about The Leadership for many years. Yes sir! Say something hateful or allegedly racist about The Great Thinker Obama, like calling him The Magic Negro, and off you to go prison. No lawyer. No bail. Just jail. I'm thinking billboard signs all across the USA with a picture of The Fearless Leader Obama and this logo on it.

But back to poor Mr. Blanchard ,who after spending over a month in a single jail cell with a dozen members of The Nation of Islam also called "The Klan With The Tan" and converts to the most racist element of Islam to save his life, is finally released by the SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War)-- Well perhaps released is not quite the word – he is transported to the very nice federal prison at Butner staffed by polite guards wearing coat and ties who in a very friendly manner escort Mr. Blanchard to his very own private cell in the Isolation Unit complete with security cameras and 24/7 security guards at taxpayer expense. The number one rule of the Isolation Unit is security. The security is so good here in the Isolation Unit that men go crazy and howl all day and night in the comfort of maximum security. Mr. Blanchard gets his security meals approved by the Federal Diet Agency and containing no more than 500 calories by way of a hole in the door three times day. The laundry is changed once a week and Mr, Blanchard receives a fresh security one piece red federal inmate uniform by way of the security food slot once a week. Also once a week Mr. Blanchard receives his security bath that will not include a razor due to Security Concerns. Mr. Blanchard will not receive recreation, mail, visits, or be allowed reading materials also due to Security Concerns. The Federal BOP (Bureau of Prisons) is not being unkind to Mr. Blanchard, a dangerous revolutionary and assassin who could raise an army torch bearing peasants that would storm the nearest castle looking for The Monster Obama, it's simply Security Concerns. Did I mention security suicide watch? The BOP has learned over many years that political prisoners for some reason become depressed and kill themselves. This is unacceptable Security Concern because blood all over the cell my infect a politically correct staff member who thinks only good thoughts about The Chosen One and has applied for a job with the SS (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the
Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War).

Alas, all good things must end some day! One fine morning Mr. Blanchard missed because his subterranean cell had no skylight, the keys rattle in the door of his maximum security cell and there before his sleepy eyes stands the prison's heavily armed SWAT team dressed head to toe in black to take him to the Interrogation...err...Conference Room. There under the hot lights a tag team of SS agents (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) grill him for hour after hour with questions and commands:

Confess your guilt!

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?

We want to know the names of everyone in your sleeper cell!

Why do you have DVDs of Road Runner cartoons?

Tell us everything you know about Ronbo!

And so forth.

As is well known to civil rights Guardians of The Republic like the Communist ACLU, torture is forbidden by federal law, however, sending an innocent man to prison without due process and putting him into a cell full racist black fascists and then sending him to an isolation cell in the high security wing of a prison and then hauling him out to be seated under hot lights until he confesses – this not torture. This is simply extremism in the defense of liberty. The federal courts have so ruled.

Remarkably Mr. Blanchard holds out. He won't even tell the SS agents (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) anything about Ronbo. He says nothing. He's knows nothing. He sees nothing. After 48 hours of intense interrogations and not allowed to sleep he begins to have visions that he's an American officer in Nazi POW camp by the name of Colonel Hogan. “Where the hell is Sergeant Schultz?” He keeps yelling over and over so long the SS agents (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) start wondering if they do indeed have an innocent man in their hands.

The conversation between the agents went something like this:

Agent One: Remember Ronbo? I heard he was innocent.

Agent Two: I heard he was innocent too. I remember reading that somewhere on the Internet.

Agent One: Never mind. We go to Plan B. I've already cleared it with the Director.

Agent Two: What's Plan B?

Agent One:
DRUGS! DRUGS!! MORE DRUGS!!! Didn't you go to Interrogation 101 at the Academy? We need a court order, but all we have to tell the judge is he's crazy, and he will be totally insane after we give him the drugs.

Agent Two: It didn't work on Ronbo.

Agent One: The drugs only work if the suspect is sane. Ronbo was insane and harmless. All the drugs did was turn him sane and dangerous. This is why we never give drugs to the insane. Now get me Judge Aisha Muhammad on the phone!

At some point in Plan “B” poor Mr. Blanchard confesses to the attempted assassination of the Anti-Christ. He also confesses to being James Dean, Lee Harvey Oswald, Martin Luther, George Washington and Ronbo. The SS agents (The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel SS Praetorian Guard of Adolf Hitler that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War) rush him to the nearest U.S. Attorney, a Democrat Socialist Muslim woman wearing a head to toe black burka, who agrees to a very generous plea bargain she hammered out in five minutes of hard negotiations with Blanchard's Federal Court Appointed Attorney. The deal is this: If Mr. Blanchard agrees to plead guilty before a federal judge and not attempt to bring matters of small importance to the attention of the court like violations civil rights, Writ of Habeas Corpus, torture and so forth, she, the U.S. Attorney, who swears to Allah and the 72 Virgins of Paradise, will see to it personally that Mr. Blanchard will receive no more than 13 months in prison with time served at Club Fed on the beach in Florida with convicted Democrat Congressmen as roommates who are working on their tans. This means Mr. Blanchard is looking at little more than a year prison time. Mr. Blanchard looks at the U.S. Attorney with blood shot eyes framed by a head of hair and wild bushy beard and slurs in a drugged voice, “Will you let me go right now if I tell you everything I know about Ronbo? I know I confessed to being Ronbo, but I really don't know anything about him. If you would only tell me something about him I'll tell you right back.”

The offer is refused.

(AP) Today Jerry M. Blanchard was sentenced to 120 months in prison and three years probation for the attempted assassination of The Great Helmsman Obama and obstruction of justice after pleading guilty before a federal court. When asked by the judge if he had anything to say before sentencing Mr. Blanchard made a very strange remark, “I know the identity of Ronbo....I'm Ronbo!” Mr. Blanchard has been sent to USP Atlanta where he has been placed in a cell with five members of the Nation of Islam due to his conversion to the Muslim faith while in jail.




The U.S. Secret Service – This elite Praetorian Presidential Guard is not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squad) SS Praetorian Guard that murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people in the Second World War which began its existence as a few agents charged with the protection of Adolf Hitler.


JERRY M BLANCHARD 23096-058 48 White M --Jerry is being held at FCI Butner, NC. where I was incarcerated in 1994 and 1995. I'm in the process of contacting him. To my knowledge Jerry has not been tried, yet he is already an inmate in a federal prison and given a prison number! What happened to the Writ of Habeas Corpus? Bail?

At least I was tried and convicted in 1994 BEFORE I was sent to prison! This is chilling folks!!! So now anyone the SS says is a "threat" to Obama can be arrested, accused of being a nut case, sent to a prison psycho ward, and given drugs and "treatment" against his will. No lawyer. No bail. Just jail.

This is happening today in the USA and not Soviet Russia in the 1970s when political opponents of the Communist regime were deemed "Insane" and given drugs which ruined their minds and health. I say we form a "Get Jerry Out Of Jail" chapter. As I see it with the massive violation of his Constitutional rights, Jerry should be immediately released and paid a large dollar amount for damages. Also, the SS agents in charge need to be indicted for major civil rights violations. The old "I was only doing my duty" routine died in the Nazi war crime trials.

Jerry's address:

ATTN: Jerry Blanchard 23096-058
P.O. BOX 1000
BUTNER, NC 27509

*Please feel free to send money. A U.S. Postal Money Order is best and it's very important to put the inmate register number on the check along with the name, otherwise the Government will cash it and use the money for their own purposes. Even a small amount of money..$5 or $10 is big money inside and very important since many needed personal items aren't issued by the prison. What say you? This guy is a registered Republican and now a political prisoner abandoned by nearly everyone for the high crime of being against Obama and saying so. There but for the Grace of God go all Patriots.


Anonymous said...

If you have never met Mr. Blanchard nor have had any contact with him, then how would you have any idea what he has experienced? Is this possibably your distorted view of procedures which lead to your criminial conviction? Being one that knows very little about this entire subject, it appears Mr. Blanchard would be better served if you resigned from your self appointed position of president of his fan club.

Ronbo said...

One word: S-A-T-I-R-E.

You can look up the definition for free at dictionary dot com.

In regards to my topic: It is one I know all too well having served over four years in various federal prisons for the alleged assassination of William Jefferson Clinton in 1994.

What? It didn't happen? Of course not! But it didn't stop the SS from sending an innocent man up the river after first raping the U.S. Constitution.

Do you know the difference between a diseased gutter rat and an SS agent? The SS agent has better PR.

Anyhow, thanks for the kind words. I can always tell when an article hits home and hurts by the outraged comments I get from the Leftists.