Wednesday, January 26, 2011



This morning in the ice fog of a dark and cold Missoula, Montana, I couldn't but help think of Shakespeare's HAMLET where the ghost of Prince Hamlet's father tells of his murder at the hands of his ambitious brother who has become the new king of Denmark. Hamlet pretends madness as a cover to investigate the ghost's story, which he finds to be true. He swears revenge on his uncle, the murderer, and attempts his assassination; unfortunately his victim is the King's counselor. The king responds by sending Hamlet to England in the company of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, members of the what amounts to the Danish secret service with sealed orders to murder Hamlet.

Some literary experts have called HAMLET, a dance of death in which both sides cannot move directly against the other due to political concerns and must achieve their goals in chess like moves until checkmate.

Checkmate being death.

In this latter day version of HAMLET, the SS could arrest and try me for any number of charges. The same was true for Prince Hamlet in the fictional Denmark created by Shakerspeare. One small problem is that the case would have to tried before a court where verdicts in favor of the government are never 100% certain. Thus the blow back from a not guilty verdict could be a career ender for more than a few SS officers and bureaucrats, as well as bringing forth more criticism of the current Regime in power that is headed by a president millions of Americans think is a traitor.

My prediction is that at some point the U.S. Federal Government at the highest level of executive authority will order my death - The Final Solution to the Alleged Ronbo Threat. The order for assassination will be given to the Director of the U.S. Secret Service who will detail a couple of trusted agents to secure my termination with extreme prejudice. This murder could be accomplished in any number of ways, for instance, the SS agents could call the local police and tell them I'm "armed and dangerous." These hard working and honest police officers. who assume the SS would never lie to them, may shoot first and ask questions later thinking first of their own personal security.

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