Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It would appear those overpaid and perked lackeys of Barack Obama - the well known Communist/Traitor president - want to talk to humble old Ronbo.

"About what?" you may ask.

These federal parasites who earn several times the paycheck of the average American will not give the reason for the conversation, however, as is well known to just about everyone in the United States of America, especially in these days of Obama Regime tyranny, NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE.

The identities of the SS agents in question are Blair and Downs who are stationed in Billings, Montana.

Any news organizations brave enough to investigate this tale of jack boot oppression in an alleged Free Republic can call these Imperial Storm Troopers and ask them under what federal law do they continue to stalk and harass an honorable old retired U.S. soldier by the name of Ronald "Ronbo" Barbour.

The U.S. Secret Service (SS) address and phone number:

401 North 31st Street
Billings, MT 59101-1200
(406) 245-8585

P.S. For your protection audio record the conversation, as SS are famous for giving perjury in court.

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