Friday, January 28, 2011


It's like this Comrade Secret Service Agent Tad Downs:

I'm calling your bluff.

Put up or shut up.

Media information: SS Agent Tad Downs

The number is 406-728-2791 and the cellphone is 406-360-9451.

For your information: I live in the open. I live under the proud name of Ronald Gene Barbour. I have no weapons other than a laptop computer whose maximum effective range is the Planet Earth.

So arrest me. I'm sure you people can find any number of false charges to file against me and you own the courts. But be advised the Fifth Amendment states very clearly that I have the right to remain silent.

The agents of the U.S. Secret Service should read this document, the Constitution of the United States of America, a document that they have allegedly have swore a sacred oath to support and defend.

But we know the truth...SS agents are the lap dogs of the traitor-president Obama and the Leftist ruling class that oppresses America.

Admit the truth Agent Downs: The law...The Republic means nothing to scum like you. I would compare you to a NAZI soldier in WWII who will only obey ORDERS from his superiors. I would remind you, Comrade SS Agent, that the law has long established that such a defense falls on deaf ears in an honest court.

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