Friday, January 7, 2011


Mr. Volkmann is extremely lucky not to be in the Federal Gulag this morning.

  1. SS agents are psychopaths who are selected primarily for their good looks and dog like devotion to Authority. Most SS agents think being “close to the throne” makes them “above the law.” The SS usually works in two person teams. This technique allows them to introduce perjury into court if necessary to secure a conviction. SS agents are well trained and professional witnesses whose psychopathic traits insures high quality federal government approved testimony.

  1. Mr. Volkmann made a blunder when he agreed to talk to SS agents in a field interview without benefit of an attorney. As is well known under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Americans have the right to refuse to talk to law enforcement. If the suspect does agree to talk to SS agents, they can and will use anything related in a criminal case. Since SS agents think they are above the law, they feel free to invent words not said by the suspect to help the U.S. Attorney create a criminal case under the infamous U.S.C. 871, which allows federal prosecutors a wide venue to charge the innocent with a felony.

  1. Talking to the media. Mr. Volkmann is increasing his legal peril by talking to Fox News and other Media outlets, since a conviction under U.S.C. 871 is based ON WORDS ALONE, he continues to expose himself to federal prosecution. In dealing with the Media. Mr. Volkmann's best course would have been to call a news conference and let his attorney do the talking.

At the very least, Mr. Volkmann has earned a place on the Secret Service Watch List for life. Pretty chilling, heh? An honest and patriotic citizen makes his First Amendment opinion public in regards to a traitor-president and the Presidential Goon Squad pops up to harass and intimidate him.

I hope Mr. Volkmann takes legal action against these SS thugs. In my never humble opinion the agents involved are guilty of several serious felonies. The only way to gut a rogue law enforcement agency named the Secret Service is by mass criminal and civil prosecution of field agents and their superiors for civil rights violations and conspiracy.


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