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Today marks 18 years since this writer's arrest by the United States Secret Service [hereafter called the “SS” in this article] for the assassination of President Clinton in early 1994.

What? No such event took place? Ron Barbour, U.S. Army Military Intelligence (retired) an assassin? Yes, this is believed by the SS, who wasted thousands of tax dollars on dubious projects such as this one, in which this writer took part in as a “presidential assassin,” that proved that an assassin of the highest level of public officials could be anyone. There is a thought: Didn't the SS learn that already in the open season on their clients that started in 1963?

In case anyone reading this is wondering - President Clinton – the U.S. chief executive impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998 - is still much alive, healthy, criminal, psychopathic and still very far to the Left. In fact, Bill Clinton is the same man he was on February 3, 1994, the date of this writer's arrest by the SS, except far more wealthy by means of telling lies to suckers in paid public speeches.

"Clinton's Assassin" did not suffer in silence. He has protested loudly every step of the way down the trail of oppression by a super federal secret agency that hides in the shadows like a dangerous rattle snake ready to strike down, arrest or harass any citizen of the United States they deem, “a threat to the presidency” with little evidence on the table.

Therefore, under its very liberal charter as the protector of the presidency, the SS have launched a reign of terror across the Homeland in regards to the opponents of our current Marxist President, and many of them have been arrested for “crimes” such as calling him, “The Anti-Christ,” or writing racist poems about the assassination of African leaders where Obama's name is never mentioned.

The authority used to imprison and harass honest American citizens is contained in U.S.C. 871 “Threat against the president” that was passed by a Leftist Democrat Congress in 1964 in the wake of JFK assassination. The vast majority of Americans have never agreed with the Warren Report that the Communist assassin of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone, so a number of conspiracy theories have developed over the years. The hard truth that many Americans ignore is the most likely explanation for the tragic death of the war hero and president – was that Kennedy was murdered by the SS on the order of Lyndon Johnson , who were aware that Oswald was a rogue Communist assassin looking for high level targets in the Dallas metro area at that time.

Thus on the tragic November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald supplied the rifle, ammunition and expertise needed to murder JFK in a very public venue; the SS allowed the assassination to go forward. The evidence to support this charge is well documented and available to anyone – yet few Americans have the courage to connect the dots and believe trusted leaders and a professional federal law enforcement agency would advance a vice president to the presidency by murder. However, the verdict of history, is that “termination with extreme prejudice” is a common tool where one kills the king in order to be the king. The ancient Roman Praetorian Guard often selected their next emperor by the murder of the last one. This is the golden rule, “He who has the most gold rules” - one way or another.

The reaction of the Leftist dominated Congress in 1964 to the Kennedy assassination was to do a quid pro quo with the SS: Instead of a Congressional investigation into the role played by the SS in the JFK assassination, Congress passed into law and socialist President Johnson signed, U.S.C. 871 - “Threat against the president” and U.S.C. 1751 “Attempted assassination of the president” - The authority that had been long desired by the SS in order to allow them to dominate the presidency at will. In effect the SS became the “New Praetorian Guard” with control over access to the president and the ability to strike out against any American citizen at will under the color of law.

If one were to do a flow chart of Americans arrested and/or harassed by the SS in the years since 1964, one will see a clear red line in favor of the Left. Those of us old enough will remember the Leftist hate fest of Left the 1960s and 70s for Nixon and will recall the Republican president was often the target of death threats that resulted in very few arrests of Leftist Nixon haters by the SS. Ditto President Reagan. Ditto President Bush The Elder. Ditto President Bush The Younger.

In contrast, the SS goes into hyper drive in jailing the more vocal opponents of Leftist presidents like Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama. The evidence is easily accessed on the Internet, as the Leftist Media that takes devilish delight in the arrest and imprisonment of any Rightist for "Contempt of Pinko." In this country, constitutional rights and the civil code apply to the Right; whereas, many Leftist criminal acts are ignored, or explained away by the lapdog Leftist Media.

The next logical evolution of the American SS would be for the Director of the SS to become the de facto president of the United States. In fact, this may have happened already in the person of Mark Sullivan, the current Director of the SS. We know little about Mr. Sullivan except that he is the graduate of an elite Leftist college in New England before beginning his rapid advancement in the senior ranks of the SS under the Clinton Regime in the late 1990s. This quest for personal power ended in 2006 with Sullivan's goal -He was appointed Director of the SS. The truism in Washington, D.C. is that while presidents come and go, the bureaucrat lasts forever.

The career of J Edgar Hoover from the 1920s to the 1970s in the FBI is a point in evidence of this thesis. Fortunately for the Republic, Hoover was an American Patriot who used the awesome police power of the FBI to defend the USA against foreign and domestic enemies. The chief of these enemies were the various foreign and domestic Communist parties. It is interesting to note the federal civil service doors were opened to a Leftist and Islamist Fifth Column flood after his death. This event did not happen by mistake - it happened by design.

[It is interesting to note that while this writer has a massive SS file that rivals that of Lee Harvey Oswald, his FBI file only reports the results of his Top Secret Security Clearance in 1967 that reveal him to be worthy of access of this nation's most important secrets.]

It is said by many experts that President Obama is ruled by George Soros. The real man behind the curtain pulling the strings to the Obama puppet may be the Director of the SS, Mark Sullivan. Clearly, Mr. Sullivan has the power to make or break he current occupant of the Oval Office, if he so desired: The Obama resume is a trail of criminal activity dating back to the 1980s or earlier. Hoover was to said to have used his “secret file” on presidents like FDR, to extend his tenure as head of the FBI for life...might not an ambitious, Sullivan. at the head of a small army of heavily armed agents around the presidency 24/7, use criminal information contained in his “Secret Obama File” to play chess master over the moves of a troubled Marxist president?

At this point in our nation's history where we stand at the abyss of civil war, world war, and an economic meltdown, all aware Americans do know this for certain – At the apex of the American federal government dark forces fight a twilight struggle over which totalitarian group will rule the United States – and the world.

The last man standing could be Mark Sullivan.

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