Thursday, December 31, 2015


The fireworks will begin soon to mark the beginning of 2016, a year that I predict will be the most fateful year in American history since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, because I suspect that the “People’s Choice” Donald J. Trump wins the contest, and like in 1860, the disloyal opposition will start a civil war rather than see him president.

I could be wrong, very likely I am, I mean, “What do I know?” I’m not fortunate like you and still have my security clearance with the access to the highly sensitive information and the background chatter in the secure office that “Them That Know” – such as yourself – are privy.

A long range prediction in politics – or anything else for that matter – is as difficult as making an exact prediction on what the weather will be like on this date one year from now. Yes, it will be winter, but a strong south wind may make it warm. Who knows? There are too many variables.

Having said that, I do see ominous historical parallels in the political situation of 1860 – for instance, a rising tide of violence and anarchy in the country, the radicalization of American politics into two hostile camps who hate one another and as a matter of routine call one another, “traitors,” the rise of an minority oligarchy called “The Washington Cartel” by Senator Ted Cruz that controls national politics in a manner not seen since the 1850s when the Southern slave owners controlled capital politics.

The spokesman of the New American Ruling Class is Barack Hussein Obama.  Yes, the jury is still out on whether or not Obama is America’s first dictator, or the sock puppet of the Ruling Class. Personally, I don’t see how this matters – the effect is the same – which is the destruction of our representative democracy founded in 1789.

So where do you stand? Are you for the Republic, or do you oppose the U.S. Constitution? Yes, I know you took a sacred oath at least twice to support and defend the Republic, but does it mean anything to you? I have no way of knowing, as you are the Sphinx. If you are a Patriot, the answer is clear: you cannot support an illegal regime – at the very least, you must resign your official status. On the other hand, if you are a traitor to republican ideals, you are the servant of tyranny, and you will obey your orders no matter what they direct you to do – genocide, murder, theft, arson, perjury, etc.

Of course, it could be you’re a mercenary – a soldier of fortune – I think most members of the U.S. Secret Service are mercenaries - who don’t give a rat’s behind what crimes they are required to commit during office hours just as long as the pay check and the yearly bonus comes in on time, and they don’t have to go to jail. Yes, the advantages of being a Merc are many – for example, if the winds turn against the Obama Regime, you can always rally to the other side, who will find you valuable in many ways.

If I were to guess you stand in the “Patriot Game” in progress, my best guess is that you’re the average U.S. Secret Service Merc who keeps a wet finger in the political air. Today the wind is blowing hard from Washington, D.C – but wind direction is subject to change a moment’s notice. Tomorrow the wind may change to a more “patriotic” direction. But whatever direction the wind blows, the Merc always has his assets covered and will not jump ship with his paymasters until the “Die is Cast.”

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