Tuesday, November 17, 2015

U.S. Secret Service Purge: 42 Agents To Be Fired

Dozens of Secret Service agents will be suspended for looking up Congressman’s personal information in bid to smear him, admits scandal-hit agency director

  • Some 42 agents will receive short suspensions for illegally accessing a personnel file on Congressman Jason Chaffetz
  • Earlier this year someone in the department told the press that Chaffetz applied for and was rejected from a job with the Secret Service in 2003 
  • Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said Homeland Security hasn't decided how to punish the agent who spearheaded the smear campaign
  • He said this at a joint hearing held by House and Senate Homeland Security subcommittees today on Capitol Hill 
  • The agents' actions were 'reprehensible, disturbing, embarrassing,' he said. 'I agree with everything that's been said here today'

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