Friday, February 11, 2011

U.S. Secret Service: LOYAL ONLY TO OBAMA

My Fellow Americans, we have a very serious problem with the U.S. Secret Service (SS) and the Presidential Protective Detail. Clearly, the SS see themselves as personally loyal to Obama to the exclusion of the U.S. Constitution. This is a typical fascist evolution. In Raleigh, North Carolina residents were demonstrating against Obama in 2007 when a cavalcade of vehicles sped through the city with his presidential candidate SS Protective Detail. Reports said that the Detail's reaction to ordinary citizen peaceful protest lining the streets of downtown Raleigh was to brandish their fully automatic weapons out the lowered windows of their black SUVs, with the tailgate to the last SUV in trail lowered with a belt fed weapon extended out over the tail gate. This was done to intimidate the political opponents of Obama. This was among the first incidents of continuing SS gross misconduct.
Today this over reaction to peaceful demonstrators against Obama has become Presidential Protective Detail Standard Operating Procedure:
SS regularly intimidates local police departments as well when the president comes visiting and treats the police as the enemy of the president. The photo above was taken in the summer of 2010, after Obama had dinner at a local Chicago Restaurant. Please note the SS agent's hand and what it is doing in the picture above.
I am very much afraid that the SS of old has been replaced by a new SS designed to intimate, harass and imprison Obama's political opponents. The SS now pursues Obama's political agenda, beyond doing its job of protecting the president. This is the reason why the SS should be highly suspect in any investigation it performs on members of the US public. History shows us that fascists like Obama have accomplished very much the same thing. Obama should be exposed and ridiculed for the perversion of what was a special and sometimes heroic service to every president. Today, the SS are just another cadre of political thugs.
As in this Turkish incident the SS are continuously used as a political arm of the Obama administration used to intimidate those whom the president wishes to be terrorized. This is typical of any fascist political leader. Obama is no different.
Its really amazing how paranoid the Secret Service Details are.
They are briefed, IMHO, that there will be a public backlash to Obama’s purposeful policy to disintegrate American society.
They are on edge and their masters are paranoid.
It is a sign that the Obama Regime's policies are indeed being performed to make Americans violent.
Joe Biden's SS Protective Detail has run over people in gross disregard for public safety. One citizen died.
It is clear that Obama does not support the 1st amendment rights of all Americans, or our right to freely assemble. This is very clear in the behavior of the SS Protective Detail, who one day they may open fire on crowds of innocent Americans.

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  1. for obama's ss to fire on a crowd would be a "shot heard around the world", obama & the trlateral comission would get the revolution they deserve, and it would be more than they could control.